Mother Rites

February 2, 2009

Two CA mother/media events/projects of note:

A blurb I wrote for one: “Birthright” carefully and lovingly engages a diverse group of mothers who collectively narrate the many joys, burdens, and complexities of motherhood as shaped by race, class, sexuality, and desire. Through intimate portraits edited into a compelling dialogue, Shimizu boldly goes to the sticky, uncertain, and even unpleasant concerns of contemporary mothers, usually taboo in our culture’s fawning celebrations, while also reminding us of its unparalleled pleasures and life-changing meanings. “Birthright’s” chorus of women, each speaking her own experience through a tender and affirming close-up, draws an inspiring web from the daily experiences and deeper profundities of distinct mothers who remind us that these experiences allow them to be deeply human, connected, and female.”

A pitch for another: REEL MOTHERS: Film, Video Art and the Maternal. Curator Andrea Liss. My video, “Dear Gabe,” is programmed, and Gabe and I (seen above in a still from the video, 1999) will attend the opening in Escondido! “This exhibition of film and video art brings together rarely seen local, national and international work on the topic of contemporary motherhood. Films and videos by artists including Israeli Maya Zack, and American Sherry Millner, break through the cultural myth of the complacent status of the mother. Employing humor, irony, and deadpan seriousness, the artists rethink the role of the mother and the meaning of the maternal through diverse and debated themes, including work, mother-child relationships, and the often devalued work of motherhood. The artists represented in Reel Mothers: Film, Video Art and the Maternal radically reinterpret the maternal through vital forms of social, political and artistic address.”


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