The Safety Dance

May 5, 2009

My blog reader (Vienna) has been over-stuffed with videos of culture jams.

The song above is thanks to Open Culture. “Last Thursday, in London’s Trafalgar Square, a big crowd of 13,500 got together and sang ‘Hey Jude.’ The project (arranged somewhat spontaneously by T-Mobile)…”

The one below comes to you, and me, via Groundswell.

“Last Thursday at noon, forty revelers invaded Barcelona’s unemployment office.  Members of the Spanish art collective En Medio brought levity to the typically frustrated and forlorn faces of those waiting in line, the victims of capitalism’s latest crisis.”

Detournement/recuperation who knows? T-mobile/art-collective, who cares?


3 Responses to “The Safety Dance”

  1. Marinkina Says:

    То что бредомысли это точно 🙂
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать 🙂

  2. Wow, i remember this was prety cool video back in 80s or so, I can believe i liked back then. This makes me think where we will be in next 20 years and where we are now:)
    Thanks for flash back

    Video Production Florida

  3. gry przegladarkowe Says:

    Nice article but you should change your template…

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