No More Potlucks

July 2, 2009
presents: no. 4 Juillet-August
theme: “copie”


The Increasingly Unproductive Fake
Alexandra Juhasz

Dump Gay Marriage Now
Yasmin Nair

Getting Messy and Complicated with Dana Inkster
Dayna McLeod

(Colonial) Archives and (Copyright) Law
Jane Anderson

Reproductive Technologies: Flesh, Paint, Text
Laura J. Murray

Sex Worker Rehabilitated in Outdoor Cage. Later Died Alone.
Nicholas Little

Pierre Dalpé’s Duplicitous Heart

Lesbian Concentrate
Bernie Bankrupt

Butch 47
Elisha Lim

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One Response to “No More Potlucks”

  1. […] to have made a more retro turn, or perhaps an “unfashionable” one, as I have tried to make sense of the ubiquitous, definitive use of fake documentary method on YouTube by claiming that I want […]

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