Ad-Hoc Piece-Meal Video-Art

October 30, 2009

“Towards the end of the middle decade of the twentieth century, a perplexing and complex form emerged in Europe and the United States. Variously called video art, artists’ video, experimental video, artists’ television, ‘the new television,’ even ‘Guerrilla TV,’ the genre drew on a diverse range of art movements, theoretical ideas, and technological advances, as well as political and social activism. In this period of dynamic social, economical and cultural change, much new art was formally and politically radical.” – Chris Meigh-Andrews, A History of Video Art, 2006

(Traditional) video art on YouTube is:

hard to find,

ad-hoc in its inclusion,

made more accessible because it’s there,

not made for and is thus ill-suited for this forum.

(Nouveau) video art on YouTube is made for (and probably therefore about) on-line people-made corporate-hosted media.


One Response to “Ad-Hoc Piece-Meal Video-Art”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I like this video.

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