Documenting the Documenters, Take Two: Owls ‘n Hooters

June 9, 2010

The Owls, the collective, experimental docu/fiction lesbian thriller that I produced is showing, now, all over the world.

Look for June US screenings in SF and LA. The docu-comedy, Hooters, about making “The Owls” is also playing, mirroring, and hooting along-side.


4 Responses to “Documenting the Documenters, Take Two: Owls ‘n Hooters”

  1. Nat Says:

    This may be the wrong place but I don’t know where else to post this-Have just purchased and watched your excellent-really excellent The Owls
    In the accompanying interviews I noted with dismay comments on Femme/Butch-one said with a yawn and then Femmes being “weak”? etcetc
    Speaking as an old butch it worries that this fallacy is still out there and being shown on a film to audiences
    Feminine being “weak” is the unenlightened straight male attitude of feminity while Femme/Butch deconstructs all that and subverts it utterly!
    I appreciate anyone is entitled to their opnions-but we are entitled to not having our ID’s denigrated-aren’t we?

    Thank you very much for the film and for letting me comment as well

    In solidarity

  2. MP:me Says:

    Nat: Thanks for your comment. My sense is that the comment you are pointing to says just that! It is “boring” when we reduce these roles to simple ideas about personality or type.

  3. Marcel Says:

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