Ready for Launch: February 7, 2011

December 17, 2010

I’m in the final stages of editing and readying my video-book, Learning from YouTube, for “publication” or perhaps, better said, official presentation by the MIT Press. Given the unique nature of the product (virtual and free) it’s been yet another scholarly publishing challenge to invent the terms of its release.

Now that we’ve worked through how to promote and “sell” it, at last its launch is official!

The MIT Press and other institutional supporters will be sending out a press release on February 7 which will include the video-book’s final url. On that date (and onward) people can go there, use the video-book, and pass it on (for free). For the next month, they’ll also be organizing events at conferences with USC’s and Vector‘s support (CAA, Digital Media and Learning Conference, SCMS), and I’ll be giving talks at NYU and in Toronto (U of T and OCADU). It’s a thrill to be winding down (and up) after so many years of teaching, writing, and production.


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