Audiovisual Thinking

February 21, 2011

A collage of three video essays made by my Cultural Studies graduate students in CGU’s methods course, Visual Research Methods, has been published in Audiovisual Thinking: The Journal of Academic Videos. Their work and the journal itself are worth a good look! I introduce their essays thus:

“The course looks at areas of visual research within Cultural Studies—Visual Culture, Ethnographic and Documentary Media, and Digital Storytelling—linking these traditions to larger fields and methods within Cultural Studies: the Humanities and Critical Theory, the Social Sciences (particularly Anthropology and Sociology), the Arts and New Media respectively. The students were asked to consider visual research by using methods that were themselves visual. A video essay, ethnography or documentary, and digital storytelling project were required coursework, along with one traditional research paper.”

The Journal’s “Academic Video Manifesto” reads:

“For hundreds of years, scholars have been limited to the written word and the occasional 2D illustration, but today, the revolution in affordable audiovisual technology is challenging the dominance of text as the primary means of communication and expression. We believe that scholars should also have the right to express themselves and their research and ideas in any (and as many) formats and media that they see fit.”


5 Responses to “Audiovisual Thinking”

  1. Tom Connelly Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!


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  3. Yes, thanks for posting! I found this project to be very challenging but so valuable in helping me reframe my interpretation of visual culture.

  4. […] since 2007, with some review it seems I haven’t blogged about the class every year, although many of the courses are covered (follow links please). But I have continued to learn and share from this […]

  5. […] And of course, I blog here and elsewhere, and have since 2007: an integral part of my digital life, and one I require of my grad students in VRM (to build and write an “academic blog” among other digital things). […]

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