AIDS Feelings

October 19, 2011

My talk at Concordia stirred a lot of feelings in the community: an intended effect of my “mixed reality experience” produced through the experiences of real bodies, watching digital materials, in real rooms. I didn’t expect the anger, however. Here’s a review by Jacob Roberts, from The Link, that gets to some of those complex responses.


3 Responses to “AIDS Feelings”

  1. viola2bee Says:

    Dr. Juhasz is ahead of her time and that is never an easy proposition. By the way and jumping to another subject, great photo on The Link site!

  2. MP:me Says:

    thanks viola2bee. don’t mind shaking things up as long as people learn and feel and move!

  3. […] I’ve certainly found it interesting, when on the road myself with such revisits, to find that contemporary audiences are not as open to returns that stay as defiant, angry, political, and anti-sentimental as our work […]

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