FemTechNet Invitation: Please Spread

May 11, 2012

I am hereby inviting you to a global project to activate networks of feminist artists and scholars of science and technology.

Working with Anne Balsamo (at USC), and many others, we seek international participants in a linked set of courses tentatively called: “Feminist Dialogues on Technology” to be held in the between September and December of 2013.

The networking project is currently called:  FemTechNet.

The first phase of this project is to activate the networks for the purposes of creating the first version of a Massively Distributed Collaborative Learning Experiment (MDCLE) on the topic of feminism and technology to be offered between September and December of 2013.

We are seeking around 10-20 international partners who are willing and able to teach one of the networked courses during the latter months of 2013.  There are many details to plan to facilitate and establish the technological and institutional infrastructure for such a radical endeavor, however we are certain that the time has come for a bold initiative that manifests the histories and continued relevance of feminist work in science and technology.

We seek your creative contribution to ongoing discussions and to help us engage embodied courses across the globe.  Please forward this invitation to your broadest network of feminist colleagues.  If you are willing, when you send the invitation, please add your name as one of the contact people for the project

Conversations and small group meetings (both virtual and face-to-face) are being organized to plan the effort. These and other project announcements and updates on FemTechNet activities will be posted and archived on the digital platform:


Please visit the site to join the FemTechNet list-serv.  Once you join, we would ask you to post an introduction to yourself and your interests. Please find a longer and more detailed description of the project attached as a PDF. FemTechNet LONG FORM invite May 2012


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