The Internet We Want and Deserve

May 28, 2013

I begin a talk with another video, making some revisions to and recursions through a similar effort six months past. “In this talk [at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, May 29, 2013] Juhasz will discuss her efforts to model and make, along with her students and everyday Internet users, the Internet we want and deserve: a place where conversation and knowledge can be built collaboratively and complexly; a place that attends to human interaction, dignity and diversity; and a place with transparent rules of engagement and the identification of shared social and political commitments. She will conclude with an invitation to join her current effort: DOCC 2013 (Distributed Open Collaborative Course) the first feminist rethinking of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).”


1) Feminist Social Media Pedagogy brings Old School (school) Feminist values, methods, and people to the sparkly, exciting new places of social media:


  • our premium on literacy and democracy and difference
  • in places where individual and collective visibility and voice dominate


  • Shared commitment to Collectivity over the individual; shared authoring
  • Shared vocabulary: political, theoretical  and artistic
  • Focus on Processes like pedagogy,  making things like media, and collaboration
  • Focus on Structures that are self-reflexive and transparent
  • Anchor activity in lived and situated positionality
  • Dismantle Binaries; Honor Intersectionality
  • women, people of color, queers are a given, a priority, are a priori
  • Value Ordinary People over corporate power; building agency

2) Feminist Social Media Pedagogy understands that the classroom provides an excellent model for a better Internet because both teaching and social media are places where conversation and knowledge can build, in collaboration, becoming more complex, and occurring with attention to human interaction and diversity, with shared commitment and rules of engagement.

“As women of color, your feminism is not our feminism. Before we can make this space safe for us as women, we must make this space safe for people of different races.” Emailed to me during talk at Colby College


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