#12: we need things to help us get closer to the truth

February 21, 2017

Mike Caufield, in his online book Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers, writes:

The web gives us many such strategies and tactics and tools, which, properly used, can get students closer to the truth of a statement or image within seconds. For some reason we have decided not to teach students these specific techniques. As many people have noted, the web is both the largest propaganda machine ever created and the most amazing fact-checking tool ever invented. But if we haven’t taught our students those capabilities is it any surprise that propaganda is winning? … we’ll teach you web literacy by showing you the unique opportunities and pitfalls of searching for truth on the web. Crazy, right? This is the instruction manual to reading on the modern internet. We hope you find it useful.

firefoxscreensnapz002This powerful resource was shared with me by Eileen Clancy and Lee Skallerup Bessette.

See other literacy tools, #100hardtruths-#fakenews:

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