#20: stress related to immigration status is one result

February 25, 2017

“The context of having a parent, sibling or relative without documentation, or not being documented oneself, is a unique stressor that cannot solely be understood as generic stress or trauma. Families with members who are undocumented often “live in the shadows,” experiencing a lack of safety and fear of deportation. Because of their relationship with students and families, teachers, counselors, and other school personnel are often on the front line of dealing with mental health concerns as they arise, and should be well-informed about the challenges that immigration status issues may present.” Lisa M. Edwards and Jacki Black, Marquette University

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One Response to “#20: stress related to immigration status is one result”

  1. […] progress? A conversation on trans activist media,” they emphasized the connections between false images and real violence, one of the #100hardtruths I have been committed to keeping in my sight-lines across this project. […]

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