#51, arming youth with digital skills needed for a more sustainable, safe and equitable world

March 20, 2017

#hardtruth #51 is contributed by Eve Oishi, the first to respond to my pledge @50 “to share this disruption by asking others to author #100hardtruths of their own, thereby acknowledging that the most meaningful and useful knowledge (this, a kind of truth) comes from communities of practice and care.”

Eve writes: “These are resources that a student of mine shared with me a few years ago: organizations that train queer and trans* youth in coding, designing, and developing innovative tech tools with the belief that arming young people with these digital skills is vital to shaping a more sustainable, safe and equitable world.

In this new climate of terror against immigrants, many organizations like Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) are producing “Know Your Rights” videos that are available on YouTube that educate people about what they should do to prepare and how they should respond if they are confronted by immigration enforcement.

They have just completed a second one that instructs people in what to do once they have been detained (which will be available soon.) They also have a sample wallet card to hand to enforcement officials stating one’s legal right to refuse to communicate the number of a lawyer.

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