Media Studies 135, Fall 07; Tues/Thurs 12-1:10, Scott Hall 230
Alexandra Juhasz, Pitzer, Fletcher 226, X74431; alexandra_juhasz@pitzer.edu
Office Hours Weds: 11 am-12 pm and Thurs 1:30-2:30 or by email appt

Stage 1: Statements and Mission

WEEK 1: September 4 and 6: Introductions and Ground Rules
Tuesday: View: Juhasz YouTube Post 1, Press Release and Syllabus on YouTube
Cover Ground Rules and Assess Expertise: see Groundrules

Thursday: Assignment 1: Group1 post about YouTube to 1 video
In class: Present your post and 1-minute max of video

WEEK 2: September 11 and 13: What is YouTube?
Tues: Assignment 1a: Group2 post 1-min video response to 1 Group1 post and present
View: Juhasz YouTube Post 2

Thursday: Statement 1: What is YouTube?
You will alternate Groups 1/2 completing a post or video towards Statements 1-4.
In class we will determine Class Statement 1: “YouTube is…”

WEEK 3: September 18 and 20: How does YouTube work? What can it teach us?
Tuesday: view: Juhasz Post 3. Determine class Statement 2: “YouTube works by…”

Thursday: Determine Class Statement 3: “YouTube can teach us…”

WEEK 4: September 25 and 27: Stage 1 Mission Statement and Projects
Tuesday: view: Juhasz post 4. Determine Stage 1 Mission Statement:
“Over the following 3 weeks, we plan to learn from YouTube…”

Thursday: Determine Stage 1 projects towards Mission Statement:
6 groups will seek to learn and present their finding on one aspect of/on YouTube

WEEK 5: October 2 and 4: work week (no off-line class)

WEEK 6: Oct 9 & 11: Post Stage 1 projects and comments on YouTube (on-line only)

WEEK 7: October 16 and 18 Present Stage 1 Projects in class

WEEK 8: FALL BREAK (no class) and October 25: Midterm and Stage 2 Prep
Mid-Term due October 24 midnight: What have you learned from Stage 1?
Thursday: Determine Stage 2

Stage 2: (Is there) More Learning From YouTube

WEEKS 9-11: October 30 through November 15
View Juhasz YouTube Posts 5 and 6

No class

WEEKS 13-15: November 27 and December 13
View: Juhasz YouTube Post 7
FINAL due Dec. 12: What did you learn about YouTube from Stage 2?

1) All of our classwork is on YouTube until a majority of the enrolled class members vote affirmatively on a statement about where else we might go and why.

2) Assignments are due when assigned, no late assignments. All posts are due midnight the night before class.

3) Class participation is crucial.

4) Workload: read/view (1 hr/class); post (1/week); video (1/week) except the weeks of the Mid-term and Final (no posts due) and the week when you take responsibility for a class post from the following list (no other posts due):
-film and post a class session
-re-post syllabus (2)
-under-grad “Press Release”: one video, one written
-Class Statements

5) Assignments: You should complete Assignment 1, Projects 1 and 2, the mid-term and final, one class post, and 18 posts (9 video and 9 written). On the days of the mid-term and final a tally sheet is also due with sites or records of your assignments to date.

6) Grading: Participation and Posts 40. Stage 1 and 2 Projects 30. Mid-term and Final 30.

7) Expertise. Some students in the class may have digital, video, or other expertise that will serve the class. We would appreciate if these students contributed such knowledge to the class. I will alter the Assignments above to honor contributions of expertise as relevant.

8) Study Group. The first-year students (and anyone else who wishes) are required to attend 1 of 2 30-minute study groups/week during Stage 1. Time tbd.

9) The off-line class sessions each week will be filmed and posted on YouTube. Your coursework will be presented on YouTube, You agree to be so represented.


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