Travels & Travails in Digital Media: From Blog 2 Page to Screen 2 Santa Cruz

November 20, 2009

I begin with a video (where I say among other things that I’ve been working for two years on a project about teaching, writing about, and publishing/presenting in the digital humanities and this raises contradictions about vernacular, audience, duration, translation and more) all to be demonstrated in this post where I perform and re-present and preserve what will be at talk on November 23:

But YouTube cut me off, darn it! (as it so often does when you record from your monitor), so I will finish my intro verbally, in the room, face-to-face, there our flesh connected:

“…Broadening the Digital Humanities: The Vectors-IML NEH Summer Institute on Multimodal Scholarship and supported by ‘a planning grant from the Mellon Foundation to develop a proposal for a multi-university digital hub in support of work in visual culture. She will be working with scholars from Brown, NYU, Rochester and UC-San Diego.’

And in part 3 of this talk, I will conclude with a discussion of the implications of my project for teaching, research and publishing in the ‘digital humanities.'”

THE TALK: Part 1: Teaching and Writing about Learning from YouTube

Example of my blog writing which, of course, includes video writing.

READ: “I am teaching an experimental class on/about YouTube this semester,” (continue while video plays). Show press coverage.

And then 3 attempts to structure and control our class.

Then provide examples of how to control/with video.

End with examples of my attempts to write it out.

PART 2: The “book” (under wraps, under construction, coming soon…)

Here I discuss the September 24, 2009 blog, On publishing my YouTube “book” on-line.

III. Conclusion re “Digital Humanities”

A video (where YouTube messed up my synch, but I don’t mind, I support bad video):

I conclude by discussing my July 17, 2009 blog, Digital Humanities.


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