#45, oil at any cost

March 14, 2017

Antonia Juhasz

“We have a world that is deeply concerned about the fact that the United States is willing to go to any length to pursue its own agenda, including an agenda that is dominated by oil … The Trump administration is composed of people who have made their careers in pursuit of fossil fuels … You have Rex Tillerson, secretary of state, the former CEO of Exxon Mobile. We know that Exxon Mobile’s climate scientists in the mid 1970s discovered the fact that burning fossil fuels harms the climate. Then Exxon Mobile led the climate denialist movement and took that science and put it into a deep, dark corner and instead put millions and millions of dollars into funding climate denialism.” Antonia Juhasz

See More Fact about Big Oil:



2 Responses to “#45, oil at any cost”

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