#28: face(book?) is best for people with pale skin

March 2, 2017

In “Smart.Dumb AI-Powered ‘Fake News’ Search Suggestions,” Jonathan Albright follows the search crumbs to some pretty powerful hardtruths.

Jonathan Albright

Jonathan Albright

This wonderful resource was suggested to me by Lisa Hirschfield, as were the following related readings. She writes: “It’s encouraging and at the same time it seems symptomatic of what I fear is a new trend to make honesty an irresistible selling point in the news. Should it be something we have to pay for? On the other hand, we live in a market economy, and if it takes capitalism to ensure that we have the choice to consume honest news media, then according to its own logic, the system is working.”

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  1. […] greed, and stunning illogic of the first 100 days, and a deeply interconnected internet logic that fueled and monetized our attention and participation. Even when I would use this project to point to intelligent, […]

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