#52, address fears about beauty, disability and aging

March 20, 2017

#52, “Access, Beauty, Disability Culture,” was shared to me by Petra Kuppers who writes:

“Do you really believe that ending up in a wheelchair is the worst trajectory for you? (one kind of hard truth I, a wheelchair user, hear every day). Address your fears. Educate yourself about the rich lives possible with different physical, sensory, or cognitive systems. Strive to create inclusive spaces, online and in the flesh. Address systemic inequality at the level of architecture, cultural attitudes, representation, and your emotions about different bodyminds and their capacities. These actions will help you to release your own fear of aging. Worlds change.”


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One Response to “#52, address fears about beauty, disability and aging”

  1. […] and monetized our attention and participation. Even when I would use this project to point to intelligent, beautiful, inspiring counter-moves (in the form of a great many of the #100hardtruths) the […]

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